Chairman's Message

Hello Everyone,

 I hope you are managing to keep sane. Now we have to be indoors for a further three weeks.  This is a terrible thing and we need to keep ourselves safe and keep to the required distance and only go out when necessary. Its just a pity that all this has happened when we have had some really lovely weather.  I should think we will have the cleanest vans and cars for a while.  We will know all the TV programme's of by heart as most are repeats.

My daughter suggested I had a clear out but there isn't much point in that as we still have to find space to store the stuff we want to take to the Charity shop or the Tip which are all closed.

I took all the food and clothes out of the van. Where on earth did we put it all. Most of it will go back as one never knows when or what you might need, apart from the food as I expect most of it will get eaten and might be out of date by the time we manage to get out again.

I understand there are no Rally's until at least July if we are lucky.  I hope we can get some if not all back for next year.

At least we are saving a bit of money on petrol and sites but probably spending on other things. You eat more staying at home through boredom.

For those of you who are in employment are managing to make ends meet. 

Its nice to know that several people have volunteered to help the NHS.  My daughter have volunteered to drive the Ambulances she loves it.

We must thank the NHS and all the Delivery Driver and those who work in shops etc and the Carers who all put their lives at risk helping to keep us all afloat.

I see China has started letting people go out and those who have had the Virus are now getting it again and Trump is going to do the same as he says its costing too much for people to stay at home. I am glad our government have a bit more sense and extended the lock down.

It was sad to hear about Alan Billing passing away. He was very poorly but didn't die of the virus. He was a lovely man and would do anything for you but could also be a bit of a devil.

If there is anyone out there who is poorly I wish them a speedy recovery. 

 Have you made your Rainbow yet? Ours is in the window. Don't forget to clap your hands on Thursdays.

 In the mean time TAKE CARE and STAY SAFE. Enjoy your nights on your driveways.


Best Wishes to you all



Anne Reed

Chairman / Advertising Officer

Somerset Centre

Caravan and Motorhome Club