Covid-Secure Guidance for Rallies

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Latest Covid-19 Information received from Club

Dear all

 I know how excited you must be to be able to resume rallies, The Caravan and Motorhome Cub have announced that we can resume rallying as long as we follow their strict coronavirus guidance, ensuring that we have a Covid-Secure environment for rallies to ensure your health and safety.

Covid-Secure Guidance for Rallies

This guidance is intended to help ensure that you and your family are safe and well whilst on a rally, and that rallies are operated in line with Covid-Secure protocols. This means that the guidance is based on principles of minimal person-to-person contact, minimal common touch points and maintaining social distancing. This guidance will be kept under regular review.

Pre-arrival at a rally 

  • Please ensure you are familiar with any new practices and procedures in advance of attending a rally.
  • The numbers attending a rally will be controlled to ensure that there is sufficient physical spacing as a reassurance to members.
  • Attendees are reminded, and expectations set, that at the present time the rally will be for siting of leisure vehicles only. Social gatherings and meetings of groups from different households should not take place except in line with the limited numbers allowed under current government guidance. 

Travelling to a rally

  • If possible, when travelling to the rally avoid busy transport hubs such as motorway services - toilets, food service areas and petrol pumps – to reduce the risk of contamination.

Payment for a rally

  • No cash payments will be taken on a rally, and every effort should be made to use a contactless alternative, such as online payments, which can be made in advance.
  • Payments can continue to be made by cheque in advance of the rally or by cheque or cash in a sealed envelope which is dropped into a receptacle for the rally officer, with the name and amount written on the outside.
  • The centre treasurer can accept card payments at the rally site and can arrange for payments to be made online via an invoice.

 On arrival at a rally

  • Instructions will be given on arrival on an information board or directly in a socially distanced manner without you leaving the car/leisure vehicle. A phone number will be provided on arrival for queries. Distribution of paper materials or instructions will not be provided.
  • There will be no rally plaques distributed at the rally but can be ordered and distributed when restrictions are lifted.
  • There will be no access to a rally by member or non-member visitors or day guests. This ensures that the track and trace ability is not compromised, and limits the numbers on site.

 Pitching Up

  • The Club’s minimum spacing requirement of 6m between outfits must be applied which as well as maintaining safety standards, ensures good social distancing is in place.
  • Pitches will be marked out in advance and members’ places indicated on arrival, both of which will assist the arrival process and ensure spacing requirements are met.
  • Rally Marshals will be available to assist directing those arriving at a rally and indicating how to site their outfits which will comply with social distancing requirements whilst doing so.
  • Risk assessments of the site will be undertaken in the normal way, taking into account the need to ensure that the rally operates in line with Covid-secure protocols.
  • Every effort will be made to keep the density of a rally as low as possible and even more so for member reassurance that rallies will not be too busy.

 Flag pole/Social Activities

  • It is not permitted to hold a gathering at flagpole, and a rally will not offer any social type events/gatherings which are in conflict with Government guidelines in place at the time.
  • No awnings/gazebos/marquees/event tents will be erected which could be used for common shelter or social activities. Personal awnings or gazebos as part of a family’s own outfit are permitted for the family use only.
  • Sports and games strictly in accordance with government regulations only are permitted.
  • There shall be no sharing of food or drink at the rally.

Water Taps and Service Points

  • As usual, there will be a clear separation between the drinking water tap and water supplied for cleansing chemical closets.
  • There will be sufficient space around service points and clear markers placed on the ground to allow for queuing and social distancing.
  • Please avoid queuing if possible by waiting clear of the service point until it is free or come back later.
  • There will be increased regularity of sanitisation of touchpoints, including taps and emptying points and every member is responsible for cleaning service points before and after use.
  • Handwashing and social distancing reminders will be displayed.
  • Those attending the rally should take their own refuse home with them for disposal, unless the landowner has arrangements in place to ensure the proper disposal of refuse.

 Hygiene Procedures

  • All members attending a rally are advised to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds after using service points, waste disposal points or electrical hook-ups, if appropriate.


  • #WeAreAllInThisTogether
  • Everyone attending a rally has a responsibility to be mindful and considerate to their fellow ralliers, particularly by following any procedures, practices and Government guidelines in place.
  • The Rally Officer/Marshal is not expected to police that members attending a rally are complying with any government guidelines in place at the time e.g. visiting other outfits.
  • Any allegations of misbehaviour on the rally field should be looked into in accordance with Centre Guidance. Ralliers should respect the comfort and safety of their fellow attendees.

 Unwell on a rally?

If anyone staying on the rally begins to feel unwell (with suspected Covid symptoms), please follow the guidance below.

  • Go online to NHS 111.
  • Call the Rally Marshal/Officer on the phone number provided and let them know. They will make a record of the incident.
  • If a member of the rally becomes unwell and is advised to have a test, the track and trace guidance will need to be followed.
  • In the event of a case being suspected on a rally, access by any members of the affected outfit to common service points should only be allowed at a pre-agreed time with disinfection of the service point afterwards.

All refuse waste from the outfit should be double-bagged and taken home, not disposed of on-site. If they are able to, they should leave the rally and travel home to self-isolate.